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A considerable part of the Turkish population is subsistence from agriculture. Approximately 27% of national income is agricultural products. Agricultural products play an important role in exports as well as an important source of domestic trade. Turkey is an important country in terms of agricultural product potential due to its geographical position, climate, soil structure and riches from the past. This feature also highlights the potential of the country's rich geographical product. The geographical indications show the distinguishing features and the products which are identified with the region which is in the foreground. The purpose of this study is to measure the awareness of the consumers living in the province of Antalya on geographically labeled agricultural products and to determine the attitudes of consumers towards geographically labeled agricultural products. Within the scope of the study, awareness and attitude research was carried out on 52 agricultural products that have been registered in Turkey with geographically marked products. Data were gathered by interviewing with 630 consumers residing in the central districts of Antalya province via face-to-face survey method. The obtained data were analyzed with appropriate statistical methods. Dissemination of geographical marking in agricultural products, awareness raising, to be branded with geographically labeled agricultural products suggestions were made.


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