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Based on a case study of the Agrarian Research Group, this document arza4,ses the relationship between Chilean NGOs and the State in the generation and transfer of agricultural technology in the small farming sector. In addition to summarising the ideas developed by the Agrarian Research Group over the past ten years in this area, this work also analyses two important state programmes: the Centres for the Adjustment and Transfer of Technology (INIA) and the Transfer of Technology Programme (INDAP). In this analysis an attempt has been made to outline the main points of the debate currently in progress among agrarian specialists with regard to both programmes. In the final section, the Agrarian Research Group's experience is evaluated against the wider context of NGO-state relations. Wider issues relating to rural NGOs in the count!),as a whole are considered in the conclusions. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Anthony Bebbington, Patricia Contreras, Miguel Diaz, Ximena Quezada and Pedro Segure for their comments; any remaining errors or omissions are the responsibility of the author.


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