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The Law on Social Protection of the Republic of Serbia was adopted in 2011 and contains solutions resulting from the reform processes in this field. This Act sought to ensure: the minimum material security of individuals and families, the availability of social assistance services, to guarantee equal conditions for the individual’s individual life, to upgrade and improve family relationships, as well as to prevent unwanted occurrences such as: abuse, neglect and exploitation of people. However, despite the reform intentions and the achieved results in this area, during seven years of application of this law, numerous defects and shortcomings were noted, and there was a need for the adoption of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Social Protection. Since the issue of amending the positive Law on Social Protection is actual issue, the measures that were proposed by the respective amendments and proposals were analyzed, with a review of positive legal solutions, as well as the potential effects that could be achieved by adopting the proposed changes. All changes are aimed at the social protection in the Republic of Serbia is raised to a higher level, in order to bring the position of the user to an adequate level, respecting his personality and integrity. On the other hand, one of the major novelties is certainly social activation of social assistance beneficiaries, which in practice means that each user will be engaged in work according to his abilities and ability to work. This novelty is not in an antagonism with the basic goal of social protection, that is material support and the provision of social care services, because the working engagement of social welfare beneficiaries only stimulates their working capacity and performs vocational and professional training, that leads to integration into society as equal community members. So, although disputed, this novelty cannot be harmful to the users, because it gives them multiple opportunities, through job training, through social integration.


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