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The minimization of boar taint according to welfare appears to be immunocastration. For this purpose a test was carried out for a total of 80 piglets in the growing stage. Animals were housed by sex, respectively 20 boars, 20 immunocasatrates, 20 barrows and 20 gilts. Animals were fed ad libitum, and the production variables were observed with an emphasis on the overall economy of their production. Intergroup differences were tested by variance analyse and the test groups of growing pigs were evaluated using a profit formula. It was shown that animals in the growing period had excellent parameters of the fattening (in the 65 days, the total gain was 19 kg, with daily feed intake below 0.7 kg, feed conversion ratio 1.2 kg and average daily gain 540-560 g). The effect of sex, or the castration of young pigs on the economy of the pig production in growing period is proved to be insignificant. This hypothesis was confirmed.


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