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The panel data of 31 provinces in China from 2014 to 2016 were subjected to production concentration ratio and scale comparative advantage index analysis combining explicit supply and implicit demand. It was found that the explicit supply of green feed production and the production areas of beef cattle and mutton sheep related to implicit demand of green feed production terminal are relatively concentrated and stable. The area of green feed production with scale comparative advantage accounts for a large proportion. The number of advantageous areas was less than that of beef cattle and mutton sheep. There were fewer matching advantageous areas between the explicit green feed supply and the implicit cattle and sheep consumption across China. According to the matching between explicit green feed supply and implicit beef and sheep consumption, China’s green feed production can be divided into four types. Therefore, based on grasping the current layout of green feed and beef cattle and mutton sheep production, according to the comparative advantages of each region, the government should make reasonable arrangements according to local conditions and adopt different development strategies for different regions.


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