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The effect of animal hygiene management doesn't appear for the short term. However, the farmer is apt to pay attention to the short term profit, because they have the bounded rationality. The individual animal hygiene management was evaluated from the view point of person’s inference system and considered the relation to farmer ’s character. The dual process theory of reasoning postulate two distinct systems: intuition type and analytical type. In the case of the analytical type, though they request a lot of acknowledgement resource and time, their judgments are logical compare to that of intuition people. The study was conducted in the northern part of Hokkaido, Japan. Data was collected using questionnaire by mail. The questionnaire included farmer’s attr ibutes, information of dairy management, risk perception for infection disease, personal scale which presents "intuition type" or "analytical type", and level of animal hygiene management. As a result of the structural equation models (SEM) analysis, analytical type has a strongly positive effect to the level of animal hygiene management than intuition type. Moreover, it was shown that the analytical type and intuition type influence inversely the risk perception. However, risk perception was not statistically significant for the level of animal hygiene management. It suggested that there is a farmer who is not doing animal hygiene management even if the risk perception is high.


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