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It is important to conduct a research on Empowerment Model of Removed Society Caused by Nipah Dam Development through partnership program in Sampang-Madura, since this dam uses around 357.073 ha spread into 7 villages. It causes many people must be removed from their houses and they have no land anymore. The condition of society is in poor condition, refers to low education (only in third class in Elementary school) and low income. From this phenomenon, it is important to find a good solution in society empowerment program. This research was conducted for three years from 2006 – 2008. There are many methods in this research. Implementation and review of empowerment model used method of participatory action research. Further, to come out with participatory partnership model, researcher used participatory rural appraisal by conducting focus group discussion. Then, the researcher tabulate, analyze and interpret the data. Results of a three-year-research are model of community empowerment around Nipah Dam, concept of partnership network and model of development small and medium enterprise and cooperative. Summaries of the research are: (a) Empowerment model needs Local human resources skill (b) Effective empowerment model needs good coordination of all parties, has certain purpose and continous socialization, capable assistances and facilitators, and also a clear program in order it is easily understood, (c) partnership network needs coordination between goverment, university, NGOs and stakeholder Recommendations of the research are : (a) it is needed the availability of partnership network from distric, sub distric and village level, (b) it is needed a clearly role sharing between goverment, univesity, NGOs and stakeholder (c) it is needed the improvement local product competitiveness.


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