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Social entrepreneurship is a multidimensional and dynamic structure that moves between public and private sectors and volunteering. One of the biggest problems facing all countries of the world today is the reduction of unemployment, primarily youth and socially vulnerable categories. With the same problem - the countries of the Western Balkans face, including Serbia. The high unemployment rate of socially vulnerable and young people results in negative implications because they face difficulties in finding a job. Unemployment is an important indicator that has both social and economic dimensions. From an economic perspective, unemployment can be viewed as exploiting the capacity of the workforce. Social entrepreneurship helps create new jobs, develop new skills, the opportunities of unemployed and vulnerable people to participate in society and the economy. The main goal of this paper is to point out the fact that social entrepreneurship is an opportunity to encourage the development of the local community and the national economy. Particular emphasis is on the development of social entrepreneurship of the young, because an effective strategy for preparing young people implies that they are not only educated, but also highly educated with leadership skills that can be raised at an entrepreneurial level and will thus be active creators of the economy in the future, especially emphasizes the potential and contribution of a new - creative economy in the development of social entrepreneurship.


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