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The strategic goal of the Republic of Serbia is full membership of the European Union (the EU). In addition to other reforms, this goal requires the development of competitive market economy, which would be conductive to the free flow of goods in the EU market, as regulated by the EU law. The basic subject of this paper is the research into the strengthening potential of market surveillance in Serbia, which would entail various products offered in the market, with the aim of achieving the optimal safety in their usage. In this paper, I have analyzed market surveillance in Serbia with respect to consumer protection, as a specific prerequisite to ensuring full membership of the EU. This can be done by adopting and implementing the existing standards and recommendations of the European Commission, within the limits of acceptable financial cost. The focus is on observing key elements of market surveillance with respect to technical products presupposing CE marking. The appropriate marketing surveillance system would enable satisfactory consumer protection aligned with the individual requirements in support of each market participant. The stress in on the improvement of domestic consumer protection and aligning the consumer protection system in Serbia to the standards of the European Union, whereby both the companies and the consumers would be treated equally.


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