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Purpose. The purpose of this paper is to review the evolutionary development process of rural governance in New China and to reflect on the governance measures adopted by the country's rural revitalization strategy. Methodology / approach. This paper uses theoretical analysis and comparative analysis methods to analyze the rural governance practices since the founding of New China by using the perspective of endogenous development theory. Through the literature research and related policy documents of a large number of rural governance researches, the paper summarizes the accumulated data, analyzes the evolution process of rural governance in China and evaluates the current status of the governance system. Results. The article briefly reviews the evolution of rural governance in China since the founding of New China, including major policy adjustments and changes in actual conditions. Domestic scholars have studied the ability of each subject to participate in governance and the actual governance model. It should be pointed out that the importance of participating ability in the subject is more significant when various conditions are becoming more and more perfect. Especially in the case of the country’s continuous strengthening of the external governance capacity at the grassroots level, the villagers’ own participation ability and willingness have not improved, so the purpose of governance itself is difficult to achieve. It may further affect the realization of the national rural revitalization strategy and the governance modernization process of the entire country. Originality / scientific novelty. From the perspective of endogenous development, this paper analyzes the ability of rural governance to participate in the main body, and evaluates the problems faced by rural governance in the current stage of China’s injection of huge resources into rural areas. Practical value / implications. To better play a role in the current rural revitalization strategy, the government provides a way of thinking to better formulate policies and achieve sustainable development in rural areas.


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