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The new tussah variety "Gaoyou 1" adopted "Kangda" as the basic material, used the method of systematic breeding, and adopted the method of regional feeding, systematic separation and directional cultivation. At the same time, taking into account the comprehensive balance of various economic indicators, through 8 years and 16 generations of systematic breeding, a new tussah variety with high fat content was bred. The breeding results showed that the whole cocoon weight was 12.3 g, the thousand-cocoon weight was 11.8 kg, the cocoon filament length was 1222 m, the hundred-cocoon fiber weight was 125.6 g, the cocoon filament size was 6.21 D, the raw silk percentage of fresh cocoon was 8.48%, the unified viability of pupae was 93.2%, the oil content of single moth was 0.55 g and the oil content was 56.17%.


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