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The development of market relations, and the transition caused dIfferent treatment of banks. There was a structural change and changes in bank performance. Due to the transition, there was a decrease in the number of banks, restructuring, changes of ownership structure, and the banks had a difficult task, together with the country regain the trust of citizens and the economy. With the renewal of the financial markets grew and offer products / services of banks, and improving all 7 elements of marketing mix. Today we have the following situation: The Bank today is not an isolated entity, but a social institution whose financial ability and efficiency of business operation impact on the economy of a country, as well as the world economy. Today the bank is competitive, market-oriented, take care of their clients... Today, in conditions of increased competition in the financial markets, the bank is unthinkable without the application of marketing principles and philosophy. The fact is that respectable results in the return of confidence in banks are achieved, or that both partners in this business, the state as well as banks, have already done a lot, but there is more work on improving banking in the Republic of Serbia, each and every bank must try to constant innovation and the world trends in the banking business attract more clients, and innovation in the field of marketing to these customers and retain. Special place in the business of modern banks have electronic business and electronic payment. Today, banks use different ways to provide customers more effectively and securely perform banking transactions from home, using many names for the performance of banking activities, creating a dilemma: if it comes to synonyms or completely different ideas. What is important is that electronic banking brings many advantages, and to research and development of information technology slightly exceed the disadvantages. Development of e-business in banks, must follow the application and development of electronic marketing. It is inevitable that the appearance and masovo use the Internet for business purposes had a huge impact on modern business and marketing. Today, you can say that the Internet caused a true revolution in marketing, providing much more than the media through which companies communicate with customers and with other companies. The Internet is a driver of change in the traditional approach to marketing because it brought a new way of thinking, new media and new culture and approach behavior.


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