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Offenses in the field of sexual exploitation of children are very specific crimes which include serious violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms, which as main method use psychological and physical violence, and permanently disturbed harmonious growth and development of personality, because the victims are helpless and therefore easily susceptible to various forms of psychological manipulation. Internet pedophilia has a large negative impact on society and social life. In the context of combating these phenomenon, significant steps are taken at the level of criminal legislation. The primary mode of reaction of society are certainly preventative activities. One of the most important preventive steps is to recognize the importance of participation of a state budget in financing the organization and implementation of various preventive activities. Budgetary resources have great importance in choosing the type and manner of implementation of preventive measures. Issues of child abuse in terms of pornographic content placed on the Internet, is not just a matter of judicial and police authorities, but an issue for each state, regardless of the level of economic development and way of government.


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