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Environment education is an essential part of the educational process now days. The contemporary society is facing a crisis for over a period of years, and the near future does not show much chance of ending it. The issue of ecological crisis is mentioned along with the economical crisis, which the contemporary society faces, or is very close to facing it. Environment education has become incorporated into our teaching process just recently. The idea that the industrial systems should be under control of the living environment was not a part of theory or practice during most of the XX century. However, XXI century clearly shows that the issues of the living environment and the development cannot be separated, therefore the idea of substantial development has been developed in order to represent the sort of development needed to satisfy the needs of present times, and provide an idea for the future generations to satisfy their own needs. Without a proper environment education, a healthy environment would not exist as such. Every country strives for a better environment education. However, the environmental issues have not been dealt with by the politics of economical development. In many countries, the concept of the living environment is much younger than it is in our country, while the USA has developed its own agency for environment protection. Environment education is incorporated into the teaching process as an independent subject, depending on the age of students, including the extent to which ecological content is incorporated into the curriculum, taking into consideration the educational profile and the connection to science subjects and ecology.


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