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This paper presents the analysis of the state of economic indices in Serbian companies. The analysis was carried out on the grounds of collected data, obtained by polling 100 managers (experts) employed in Serbian companies. The experts valued quantitatively the selected economic indices by giving them the mark from the interval 1 - 5, according to the state in their companies. The final marks of the indices were obtained as average values of individual experts' marks. This research has been carried out in 2010, and the same analysis was carried out in 2003, as well. Thanks to that it was possible to compare the state of economic indices in Serbian companies from 2003 to 2010. The crucial conclusion is that the companies in Serbia have made a progress in the observed period, in other words, the level of economic indices has been increased considerably in the last seven years. Moreover, the research results make possible the efficient review of the current state of the analyzed indices as well as the effective selection of the future activities aimed at improving the business results.


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