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The development of global management of organizations during the past twenty years has enabled their commercial and technological dominance in international relations. It was during this period, continually manifested exceptional ability of different forms of knowledge and its incorporation into commercial processes and products. Thanks to the effective combination of productive resources of the world as a whole and the disposition of certain parts of complex production systems in places that they allowed the realization of competitive advantages, these business entities are themselves a central technological and commercial position in the global economy. An important dimension of management of global organizations ought to recognize the cultural diversity of countries in which they operate. According to most studies, the cultural values of a society had a significant impact on the design of management of global organizations. At the same time, online business networking has become an important form of significant assumption of efficiency and competitiveness of the global organization at the time the last two years. Global organizations are its achievements in this period, realized significant part due to synergetic effects of network connectivity.


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