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Since 2004., Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Waterpower engineering of Republic of Serbia has been set in motion row of measures for village development and improvement and for promoting activities in rural areas. Still, characteristic of government support for 2006. is that amount of financial incentives depends of region which investment projects are related to. Returnees means of payment are imparted in higher percent to municipalities on which territory existed some natural and law obstruction for developing intensive agricultural production on large areas. In regard to, that development of rural communities is integral part of whole economic progress in EU countries, and that we see Serbia as member of EU in near future , it is suggested as vital factor of our country development too. In this paper work, some measures of support to investments in marginal and other areas of Serbia are shown. Their aim is realization of projects, like as: production and sale improvement; renewal and strenghtening of village infrastructure; development and promotion of rural areas, environment and country side protection; development and promotion of organic production. Besides, it is pointing to persons who have right to ask for returnless means, how to compete for them and what is the required documentation for their wining.


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