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Today is quite clear that a key risk for any organization, what is the focus of all its deliberations - sustainability of business which they have. Given that the current focus is on growth and development, the focus of this paper is on the strategic management of sustainable development and operation of the four perspectives. Sustainability of the business is highest priority and with all available resources should be striving to that goal. Rise and executing business goals of the organization in terms of a profit increase from year to year for a long period of time does not necessarily mean a successful business, on the contrary overstatement it could mean the devastation of the organization. Awareness of this fact is necessary to be present in each organization, and to overcome all the other needs and short-term goals. The paper points out that each organization defines its sustainable development differently. More precisely it does from their own strategic perspective. When business conditions are bad, they all have short-term view, however, long-term aspect is necessary with the proper management of the organization, regardless of the current difficulties.


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