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Modern way of business practice nowadays, beside capital, employees and working space, also includes mobbing as a part of daily routine. Violence at workplace, especially psychological kind, is something that occurs daily. The domain of violence is various, from ignorance, yelling, work overload, to humiliation, underestimation and mocking. Situation is ultimately serious especially for an honest and hardworking employee who wants to earn his salary in an honest way doing the job he is qualified for, without disturbing the other employees. Exactly this described situation presents a perfect mobbing victim over whom a mobbe, abuser person, practices sophisticated activities to harm and do anjustice over a victim. For a mobber, aim of abusing the others is overcoming personal shortcomings by tortuting his colleagues and associates. The solution to this problem is to be searched for in Law and legislation and aggressive media commercials and campaigns fighting this phenomenon. Mobbing victims should necessarily be supported and given protection, it should be clearly defined and formulated what to do and who to refer to if they are noticed.


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