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In the conditions of social, political, economic and other circumstances that are changing, maritime companies which aim to be competitive and successful on the market have to adjust. One of the ways of adjusting, i.e. managing the development of maritime ports is the concept of organizational changes. This concept includes different models and programmes by which it can be influenced on these companies to adjust and be successful. One of the given ways of changing which is defined as the most acceptable is the model of transformation. The goal of research is to determine the source, goals and contents of a maritime port transformation. Also, the research should have identified the strategies for accomplishing the defined goals of transformation, as well as defined and described the model of transformation process. Regarding the nature and character of the research subject, the research is realised by implementing several scientific methods. The implemented methods made possible the research in whole of the defined subject, and the use of the methods made possible the verification o f hypothetical frame, i.e. accomplishing the defined research goals.


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