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The production of goods and services for haven consumption is a function of available factors of production among which labour and entrepreneurship are very prominent. The essence is the skill input which has to do with mental and physical attributes or resource activities and also acquired by training education or natural endowments. In this paper, the issue of health workers of all categories is discussed in terms of their marketing (demand and supply) workforce composition (population and size) the globalization factor and the ultimate effects on nations health policy issues, management structures and effectiveness. This paper presented Nigeria as the case at hand whereby, health workers at both foreign and local markets with workforce composition in globalization perspective was examined to determine among others the compositions and category, competence measurement using local and international determinants, adequacy and spread among others. This is an explorative research where secondary data was used to explain questions like do we have well trained health workers in Nigeria that measure up to international standard? Are they well remunerated? What of the level of facilities to work and right environment? What about assessment of international competitiveness among others? Some of the findings shows that Nigeria’s health workers measures among the best world – wide, highly competitive and marketable internationally, very competent despite inadequate facilities to works at home and poor working conditions but in foreign lands very exceptional (brain-drain factor). Again, the supply in terms of rate of development by training and education is grossly inadequate resulting into many patients to a particular health worker like doctors to patients’ ratio which is too high in Nigeria among other findings. It is therefore suggested that health workers skills acquisition programmes in Nigeria which is currently too expensive should be subsidized by the governments to have many of them produced to meet the health needs of Nigerians. They should equally be well remunerated with good environment to work as well as adequate facilities as applicable in the global arena. A healthy nation is a productive nation with the potential for growth and development like other great nations in the global environment.


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