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Since 1990, In South Korea, the food losses which has increased with the development of food service industry has become a social problem. But first of all, that problem came from the dietary culture of Korean Peninsula. Then, "h announced the estimation of the food losses in South Korea based on ‘Food Balance Sheet’ which reflects food system comprehensively, using ‘Input-output Table’ and documentation of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan and United States Department of Agriculture. As for ‘Input-output Table’ before, cost of raw materials of food service industry was not inserted. So I had made huge efforts to use ‘Revised Input-output Table’ for appropriate section separately. After that, it was improved at ‘Input-output Table’ in 2000, so I again estimated the food losses in South Korea using it and compared it to foresaid estimation using ‘Revised Input-output Table’. It was proved that there is not much difference between them


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