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Purpose. The purpose of this study is to analyze the potential of renewable energy of agricultural raw materials for the production of biofuels in Ukraine. Methodology / approach. The methodological base of the research is a systematic approach to the study of socio-economic systems. General scientific and special methods are used for solving certain tasks in the research process, namely: abstract-logical (for theoretical synthesis of conclusions and analysis of the research results); economic-statistical and monographic (for the analysis of the current state of Ukraine’s agricultural potential in the production of biofuels). Results. Energy dependence and the possibility of renewable energy sources use are defined as the driving force behind the development of bioenergy in Ukraine. It has been proved that annual rate of growth of price of gas and fossil energy sources lead to the development and use of bioenergy fuels. It is substantiated that Ukraine has significant opportunities in biomass cultivation and in use of bioenergy fuels, which will allow to be an energy independent country in the global space and to provide consumers and producers with the necessary amount of liquid, gaseous and solid fuels. Originality / scientific novelty. It was found that the annual increase in the volume of grain production in Ukraine leads to agricultural products surplus formation, which eventually goes for export to meet the needs of other countries in food production, livestock feed and poultry industry, as well as for oxygen-containing production additive «bioethanol» to gasoline. It was established that agricultural sector of Ukraine provides not only food security of the country, but also affects the country energy autonomy and creates a competitive environment on petroleum products market of through the bioenergy fuels introduction. Practical value / implications. The trends of changes in volumes of grain crops export from Ukraine have been estimated. The share of biomass in the structure of renewable energy sources in some EU member states consumption has been determined and analyzed. Conducted analysis will help Ukrainian producers and other stakeholders to plan biofuel business activities.


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