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Waste management has become a critical issue across the globe, especially in the metropolitan regions. This paper is focusing on the potential for organic waste utilization and management through urban agriculture in different countries, using the Netherlands as a case study. Furthermore, the difficulties and/or risks of utilizing organic waste through urban agriculture is described. Waste management hierarchy shows the invention, such that in the conventional, there is more of disposal of waste and less of waste reduction. However, the new proposal is to have more reduction of waste and less of waste disposal. This is where urban agriculture comes in through the re-use and recycling of waste, giving room for the opportunity of better waste management though urban agriculture. The benefits or opportunities of utilizing organic waste through urban agriculture were explained with the reference from relevant literature. The results of the study done by researchers in the Hague Municipality, Netherlands have been used to provide a picture of current and potential role of urban agriculture in managing organic waste. Key words: Agriculture, management, organic, urban and waste


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