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We estimated a two-step control function procedure on panel and four different models on the cross section data using the latest three round panel of the Ethiopian socioeconomic survey. The results from our cross section and panel estimates show a positive and significant relationship between production diversity and dietary diversity. In addition, we also see that production diversity has different outcomes between male and female headed household. Before the impact of production diversity is accounted for being in a female headed households does increase consumption diversity. However, there is evidence of a negative and significant interaction between gender and production diversity. This suggests that the mechanism through which production diversity affects consumption diversity differs in female headed households. As are result the overall impact of gender on consumption diversity is negligible (when estimated at mean values). Market access, access to extension services and the availability of a nonfarm business are also positively related with consumption of diversified diet. Key words: Production diversity, dietary diversity, gender, Ethiopia. JEL CODES: Q12 Q18 Q01


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