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Examining Relationships Between Prices and Consumption For Selected Meat Cuts and Convenience Items Using Electronic Scanner Data, by Michael A. Hudson; Economic Impacts of Price Volatility in the Egg Industry, by Henry Kinnucan; Present and Potential Uses of Scanner-Derived Information For Managerial Decision-Making in Food Retailing, by Oral Capps Jr.; Consumer Preference for Locally Produced Fruits and Vegetables, by David B. Eastwood, Robert H. Orr, John R. Brooker; The Effectiveness of Promotional Programs for Florida Tomatoes, by Robert L. Degner; Strategic Planning by Mid-Atlantic Food Distributors, by H. Reed Muller, Ulrich C. Toensmeyer, Jarvis L. Cain; Impacts of Socioeconomic and Demographic Factors on Household Expenditure for Disaggregate Fish and Shellfish in the United States, by Hsiang-Tai Cheng, Oral Capps Jr.; An Assessment of Delaware Consumers' Perception of Retail Package Sizes for Meat, Poultry and Bulk Purchases, by R. Dean Shippy, Ulrich C. Toensmeyer; Using Micro Computers to Facilitate the Management of Independant Supermarkets, by Angelo E. Di Antonio, Ulrich C. Toensmeyer; Comparison of Food Stamp Program Participation and Nonparticipation By Elderly Households: An Exploratory Study, by Glen H. Mitchell, Renny J. Myers; Opportunities for Order and Delivery Consolidation, by Harry F. Krueckeberg; Factors Affecting Adoption of the Uniform Communication Standard In Major Wholesale Grocery Markets, by Walter B. Epps


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