Prevalence and pathology of haemoprotozoan infection in chickens

Preva!ence and pathology of haemoprotozoan parasites in chickens were studied by collecting samples from randomly selected seventy five chickens from different areas of Mymensingh district, during July to December, 2007. In this study, 38 (50.66%) chickens were infected with haemoprotozoa of which 33.33% with Plasmodium sp., 12% with Leucocytozoon caulleryi and 5.33% with Leucocytozoan sabrazesi. The prevalence of haemoprotozoa was relatively higher in female birds (52%) than in male (48%), which was not statistically significant (P>0.05). The calculated odds ratio showed that females were only 1.17 times more susceptible to haemoprotozoan infection than male. However, age of the chickens influenced significantly (P<0.05) the prevalence of haemoprotozoa. Prevalence of haemoprotozoa was relatively higher in adult (>1 year) chickens (59.52%) than the young (<1year) chickens 39.39%. Adults birds were 2.26 times more susceptible to haemoprotozoan infection than young birds. Grossly the affected organs were apparently normal. However, in case of Leucocytozoon sp. Infection, infiltration of reactive cells and edematous fluid were found in interstitial space along with haemorrhages were detected in the alveoli of lung. Few muscle fibers showed large body similar to the schizont of Leucocytozoan sp. Comma shaped gamate of haemoprotozoa were seen in between the cord of hepatocytes in liver.

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Journal of the Bangladesh Agricultural University, 06, 1
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