A nationwide survey of exporters of high-value products was conducted in the summer of 1998. The purpose of the survey was to ascertain the extent of activity by U.S. exporters in offshore markets and to identify which firms were most likely to benefit from targeted government assistance programs to firms with different levels of export intensity. Government and private agencies can use this information to plan and monitor government export assistance on a more targeted basis to advance the national goal of expanding value-added agricultural exports. Results revealed that the majority of the firms had export intensities (percent of total sales derived from exports) below 40 percent with respect to their total sales. Firms that were more likely to have low-export intensity included growers, processors, retailers, firms exporting dairy products, and firms exporting to Canada and Mexico. Conversely, among commodity specializations, firms exporting almonds, nuts, pecans, and specialty products, wood products, and seafood were more likely to have high-export intensity.


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