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This section includes: An Economic Analysis of Intelligent Transportation Systems in the Distribution of Agricultural and Food Products, by Albert J. Allen, Warren C. Couvillion and David Parrish; Small-Volume Fresh Growers' Marketing Channels: A Case Study of Tennessee Producers, by John R. Brooker and David B. Eastwood; Specific Programs That the Pat 28 Winners of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, 1988-1996, Have Undertaken to Implement Their Quality Strategies, by Robert R. Cangemi and Raymond H. Lopez; Implications if Changes in the Food Supply Chain for Small and Medium Sized Produce Firms in the Pacific Northwest, by Sarah M. Duffel, Desmond O'Rourke and Jill McCluskey; Customers' Willingness to Travel to Farmer's Markets, by David B. Eastwood; Building a World Wide Web Infrastructure for Regional Food Systems Education and Outreach, by Carl L. German, Richard VanVranken; Kathleen Klotzbach; Evaluating the Willingness-to-Purchase IPM-Grown Fresh Produce, by Ramu Govindasamy and John Italia; Consumer Patronage of Farmer's Markets: The Influence of Sociodemographic Characteristics, by Ramu Govindasamy and John Italia; Industry Strategic Planning and Coordination: The Case of the Texas Vegetable Industry, by Charles R. Hall, Conrad Lyford and Lance D. Pate; Changes in Transportation Patterns of Refrigerated Cargoes, by Bruce Lambert and Roger Hinson; Segmenting Households Based on Food Nutrition Attitudes and Behavior, by Ronald Larson, Eric Nordmoe and Ann Veeck; Contingent Valuation of Health Risk Reductions Through Beef Irradiation, by Arbindra P. Rimal, Stanley M. Fletcher, and Kay H. McWatters; Marketability and Economic Advantages of Transgenic Sweet Corn for South Georgia Vegetable Growers, by Forrest Stegelin; Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Satisfaction with Retail Seed, Fertilizer and Pesticide Suppliers in the Georgia Coastal Plain, by Forrest Stegelin; Changing Structure in the Florida Citrus Markets, by Suzanne Thornsbury and Ferdinand Wirth; Changing Patterns of Sweet Corn Marketing and Consumption in New York State, by Wen-fei L. Uva


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