Organization of scanner data for more effective usage in managerial decision-making, by Oral Capps, Jeffrey M. Thomas, and Don L. Long; Effects of entry and changes in demand on concentration in wholesale grocery markets, by Walter B. Epps and Charles Handy; U.S. fruit and vegetable processing industries: a structural perspective, by Katherine C. Buckley, Shannon R. Hamm, and Ben Huang; Price formation over space in the U.S. sweetener market, by Dr. Dagher and A. Debatisse; Preferred points of origin for selected foods, by Robert L. Degner and J. David Locascio; Retail produce managers evaluate sweet potato shipping containers, by Dr. Edmund A. Estes; Impact of shelf space characteristics on consumers' produce buying decisions, by John J. VanSickle and German Molina; Consumer acceptance of convenience-oriented meat products: pre-cooked vacuum packaged beef roasts, by Floyd K. McKeith, Peter J. Bechtel, and Michael A. Hudson; The relationship between store image and shopping behavior for different consumer groups, by Dr. Robert S. Welsh; One way to gather information on supermarket customer appeals, by James J. Corbett and John J. McGill, Jr.; Hedonic price analysis of fresh tree fruits at the retail and producer level: an investigation of nutrient values and experience characteristics, by Mark L. Waller and Sarahelen Thompson


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