This study determined the situation of rural tourism and agro-tourism in Tehran Province as well as the expected economic impacts of agro-tourism development on it. In this research, we used documental research method and field research based on questionnaires and face-to-face interview. It was found out that despite different tourist attractions in rural areas of Tehran Province, tourist arrival to the rural areas was only due to natural attractions. Almost all counties have agri- cultural tourist attractions, but no comprehensive and coherent programs have been implemented for the development of agro- tourism in the region. It was revealed that one job can be created in exchange for the arrival of nearly 133 Agro-tourists, that tourists in their rural trips are more willing to buy agricultural products and homemade processed foods as compared to handicrafts and other goods, that in rural trips, agro-tourists will spend more money for their purchases than other rural tourists, and that agro-tourists earn much more benefit on their purchasing as compared to rural tourists. Based on the results, the most important expected economic impacts of agro-tourism development in Tehran Province include the increase in agro-tourist arrivals to the rural regions, the increase in job creation, the improvement of rural economy and much more agro-tourism revenue in rural areas as compared to other fields of rural tourism.


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