Due to agriculture is a risky activity and risk models is important in order to analyze the behavior of farmers, hence, in this study, the factors affecting risk-taking and risk aversion is the region grape growers. Data analysis was performed by using stochastic frontier. Data gathered by questionnaires at three counties of Zabol, Hirmand and Zahak at 265 grape farmers in crop year of 2011-2012. The results showed that the cultivated area respectively for the county of Zabol and Zahak risk–reducing and risk-increases, labor Rental at Zabol county risks - reducing and animal manure for the county of Hirmand and Zahak was risk - Reducing respectively. Therefore, the positive and significant labor input on risk factor is production as a result of seasonality, It is suggested that the focus on seasonal labor and employment Rental through agencies or through the representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affair.


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