Two species of parasites of Plutella xvlostella (L.) were recorded in Jamaica, and indeed in the Caribbean, for the first time. These are: a new species of the larval parasites Diadeoma {Ichneumonidae) and the larval and pupal parasite, Tetrastichus Bokolowskii Kurdjumov. A new species of a hyperparasite of Diadeoma, Spilochalcis sp. was also recorded. The Incidence of parasitism by these hymenopterans has been fairly high throughout the study period of 1986-1988 in three cabbage growing areas of Jamaica, in spite of heavy uses of insecticides on weekly or twice-weekly basis. The monthly mean levels of parasitism (with ± 95 percent C.L.) in Douglas Castle between March 1986 and July 1987, was 32.8 ± 8 percent, and in Guys Hill, it was 16 ± 10 percent between August 1987 and August 1988.


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