This paper analyzed the effect of raw material crushing fineness, cooking time, ethanol content during ethanol precipitation and other factors on the preparation of raw material extract from Millettia speciosa Champ. instant tea. The raw materials of Millettia speciosa Champ., Philippine flemingia root and radix fici simplicissimae were crushed into 10 mesh or finer powder, and cooked for 60 min. During ethanol precipitation, the ethanol content was about 50% to 70%, standing 12 h. The ophiopogon root was cooked in 1: 15 boiling water for 45 min, and chrysanthemum was leached for 45 min with 1: 20 demineralized water at 80℃. After concentration, preparation and spray drying, the finished Millettia speciosa Champ. instant tea was created. The detection of each product index indicated that Millettia speciosa Champ. instant tea had good taste and flavor, and there were no heavy metals, harmful substances and excessive microbes, thereby showing that the raw material of Millettia speciosa Champ. instant tea was selected reasonably, the mixture ratio was rational, and the processing technology was of some security, stability and maturity, which provided a theoretical basis for its development and application.


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