The aim of the study was to compare the relationship between the value of workplace technical facilities and labour inputs, which made it possible to determine the level of technical facilities at workplace and the production system of farms. In the years 2004-2009, 70 agricultural farms were studied and divided into groups according to: the amount of subsidies, area of arable land, economic size units and business income. Farms that are bigger in size and economically have lower workload per one average worker. At the same time, they exhibit a higher level of technical facilities at workplace and the level of mechanization. Whereas the effectiveness of the means of workflow was the highest in the highest categories in the studied group. The other way round, the replacement value of means of mechanization – increased with a decrease of the size of the farm and such a tendency was observed in other categories of the farms. High costs of the workplace technical facilities, high level of mechanization and a small relationship of the operating costs of technical facilities make it possible to assess the production systems that are present in those farms as capital-intensive.


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