The aim of the study was to determine the conditions for the involvement of members of agricultural producers in the developing bio-economy. „Involvement” was evaluated based on: indicators of fertilizer use; the presence of certificates of integrated, organic and traditional production; possession or respect for the norms and principles of quality of production (including Global G.A.P., BRC). In addition, farmers are presented opinions on the factors and breakthrough technologies, limiting the negative impact of farming on the environment, involvement in social programs. The study were conducted using an interview questionnaire among the thirteen groups, representing 1310 households associated Małopolska in 2016. The results confirmed significant differences in the involvement of households in the developing bio-economy five profiles production. The subjects represented three styles of behavior for the bio-economy (active, original and less involved). The most active proved to be a group of fruit original commitment demonstrated tobacco producers and breeders of sheep, and the least experience in the analyzed activities had cereal producers and breeders of pigs.


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