The comparison of profitability of cultivation different varieties of starchy potato. Data was obtained from the owner of the farm who has signed a long-term contract and cooperated with the food industry enterprise ‘PEPEES’ in Łomża in the years 2012-2013. The highest marketable yield of starchy tubers was recorded in 2013 and was related to variety Kuras and the total production value per 1 ha in individual years was varied and ranged from 6,835.5 in the years 2013 in variety Sonda to 7,338.45 in the years 2012 in the same variety, and from 9,868.95 PLN in the years 2012 in variety Kuras, to 10,253.25 PLN in the years 2013. The income was highly variable in individual years depending on the yield level and the price per unit production. About the profitability of starchy potato cultivation decided direct costs. Seed potato and fuel costs accounted for the greatest proportion of the total costs. The most profitable variety of starchy potato was Kuras in 2013 .


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