Subject and purpose of work: The study presents the effects of agricultural advisory services in the eastern part of Mazovia. The effect of advisory work was the number of services provided by advisers over a three-year-long period of their work. The state institution providing advisory services for farmers in this area is the Warsaw-based Mazovian Agricultural Advisory Centre (MAAC) with a Branch Office in Siedlce. The main objective of the conducted research was to assess the performance of agricultural advisers within six counties: Siedlce, Węgrów, Garwolin, Łosice, Sokołów and Mińsk, located in the eastern part of Mazovian (pol. Mazowieckie) Province. Materials and methods: The activity of the Siedlce Branch was analysed during the years 2012-2014. Particular attention was paid to the distribution and availability of services to farmers. This study was prepared on the basis of an analysis of available internal documents from MAAC and the literature on this field. Results: Based on the performed studies, it was found that agricultural advisory services play a very important role in the adaptation of farms to changing environmental conditions. Conclusions: Nowadays, in the era of globalisation and integration farmers face new challenges, which would be difficult to meet without an efficient agricultural advisory system.


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