The objective of the study was to utilise carambola fruits in drinks and to investigate the quality changes on storage at 10 °C and 25 °C for 5 weeks. A survey was conducted by 125 questionnaires to guide the objectives of the research. Carambola drinks of 4 treatments (9 % and 12% sucrose with or without 3% orange juice) were processed with 0.2% xanthum gum, 0.125% citric acid, 0.1% sodium benzoate and 0.125% ascorbic acid and pasteurised at 90 °C for 5min. From survey, 86.4% of respondents have eaten carambola fruits, while 26.9% have consumed carambola drinks. Some respondents (51.9%) disliked the acid taste and short shelf-life of the fruits. A carambola/orange drink (12 °Brix) was most preferred (66.4%) by un-trained panelists and was liked moderately to like veiy much. On storage, there were no changes (P>0.05) in °Brix of drinks but products darken more at 25 °C than at 10 °C as indicated by 'L' values.


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