A study was set to evaluate the dry matter (DM) yield and nutritional composition of the species Morus alba and Guàzuma ulmifolia under 3 plantation densities and 3 cut frequencies. Every treatment combination of 2 χ 3 χ 3=18 was replicated four times in a randomized complete block design. Four plants per plot were randomly selected to test the DM and crude protein contents. The higher total DM yield of Morus alba (P<0.05) was registered on 25,000 plants/ha and 60 d at cut treatment combination, whereas the planting density and cut frequency of larger DM was at 75 d and 25000 plants/ha in Morus alba. The average plant height was 280.3±43.4 cm on Morus alba and 260.9±43.4 cm on Guäzuma ulmifolia. The leave crude protein content was 28% in Guäzuma ulmifolia with a planting density (25,000 plants/ha) of 75 d, however, leave crude protein contents were 21.9% on 45 days of age and 25,000 plants/ha in Morus alba. We conclude that the best planting density is 25,000 plants/ha and the cut frequency is 60 and 75 d in Mulberry and Guàzuma ulmifolia, respectively.


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