Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood is a significant pest of various vegetable, ornamental and fruit crops. Its biology is little known and its management remains largely to be developed. On 'Jalapeno' pepper plants BotaniGard® ES (Beauveria bassiana) applied at 2 qt/100 U.S. gal (0.5 L/100 L) at weekly intervals significantly reduced mean numbers of S. dorsalis adults and larvae when compared with the nontreated control. TriCon™ (a blend of borax, orange oil and biodegradable surfactants) at 50 oz/100 U.S. gal (391 ml/100 L) also reduced S. dorsalis populations on pepper and cotton when compared with the nontreated control. Metarhizium anisopliae (green muscardine fungus) at 29.0 oz/100 U.S. gal (227 ml/100 L) effectively reduced S. dorsalis adults on cotton. All treatments of M anisopliae and B. bassiana significantly reduced populations of chilli thrips larvae, and were comparable to spinosad (Spintor®), which provides excellent control of S. dorsalis larvae.


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