Subject and purpose of work: The aim of the study is to make a characteristic and evaluation of the conditions of environmental activities of companies representing the bioeconomy sector located in environmentally valuable areas of Lublin Voivodeship. The study also identifies key factors and barriers to eco-activity from the perspective of the surveyed companies. Materials and methods: To achieve the goal a review of literature and surveys were conducted in 2013 in 30 communes of the Lublin province (Poland), characterized by the highest level of the indicator of ecological value. The study used the method of diagnostic survey with a questionnaire interview. Results: Environment-friendly activities undertaken in the studied companies were conditioned largely by economic factors and the need to adapt the organization to meet the standards of environmental protection. Among the problems concerning determinants of eco-friendly activity entrepreneurs pointed high cost of adapting the organization to the increasingly stringent environmental legislation and organizational difficulties to adapt to these regulations. Conclusions: Bioeconomy sector companies operating in environmentally valuable areas are characterized by mutual harmonious relationship with the local natural environment. In the study group, there is a need to promote awareness of the possibility of external support for environmental activities.


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