Nursery experiments were conducted in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, to assess the growth of 'Kent' mango in nursery for transplant production as affected by selected bioregulators. A commercial extract of the brown alga Ascopyllum nodosum (Stimplex™), and a commercial formulation of amino acids (Macro-Sorb Radicular™) were applied to the soil every two weeks after grafting the mangos, at rates from 0 (check) to 2 ml/L, using 150 ml of aqueous solution per plant per application. Aside from bioregulators, the mango plants were managed following local recommendations. Check plants grew more slowly and reached the adequate transplanting stage later than bioregulator-treated plants. Increasing the bioregulator rate resulted in more accelerated growth in mango plants, and response to both bioregulators was comparable.


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