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The article presents the development of selected variables and relationships describing the fruit and vegetable market in Poland during the ten years before and after accession to the EU. Hence, most of the comparisons are shown from the perspective of the two sub-periods: 1994–2003 and 2004–2013. Price fl uctuations of the fruit and vegetable purchase market were discussed, including infl ationary changes and the level of the price index for agricultural production. Determinants of the size of the harvest of fruits and vegetables in Poland and the size of their purchase are also specifi ed. In addition, results of research on the economic situation of selected farms, taking into account the value of production, costs, and revenues are presented. Based on the estimated models they established that the form of household income has indeed been statistically determined through the production value. Among the most important observations, it’s indicated that in the period after Polish accession to the European Union procurement prices showed a positive development for producers in relation to those of 2004, which certainly had an impact on export growth. In the period 2004–2013, compared to 1994–2003, the size of the harvest of fruits increased while that of vegetables fell slightly. It should also be noted that the volatility index of purchase prices in the post-accession period fell for fruit, while in the case of vegetables it rose.


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