The condition of the waste management development is a complex phenomenon described by eight diagnostic variables. The purpose of the paper is to indicate regional discrepancies in the scope of shaping of the phenomenon in 2012 and 2013. To achieve the purpose, the multivariate analysis was applied, with a particular focus on the zero unitarization method. As a result of application of the aforementioned methods, the ranking of voivodeships with respect to the level of their waste management development was obtained. Further, the voivodeships were divided into four groups: at a very high, high, moderate, and low level of the waste management development. The level of the waste management development is not evenly distributed between given voivodeships. There are signifi cant discrepancies within the investigated area between the voivodeships leading in the ranking (Mazowieckie), and the last voivodeship in the fourth group(Świętokrzyskie) – [I(Qi) ~= 52.5 in 2013].


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