The most important stakeholder of any organization is the consumer. Today’s consumers are socially and ecologically aware and are increasingly guided by ethical criteria. Pro-social activity of companies, changes in management, informing the client, reliable messages about the benefi ts of consumption of the offered products increase the fi rm’s competitiveness on the market, as well as its impact on economic effi ciency. The aim of this article is to show whether and what principles of corporate social responsibility in the area of relationships with consumers are usually taken into account in the activities of enterprises. We analysed companies of the SME sector, agribusiness from Mazowieckie – own research carried out in 2011. And nationwide sample companies examined by PARP in 2011. To compare the analysis of CSR activities in the area of relationships with consumers regarding large companies, good practices are included in reports FOB 2011–2013. The analysis shows that socially responsible market practices in the area of relationships with consumers lead to building a sustainable competitive advantage based on trust.


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