The UVI Aquaponics System is an integrated production system of fish culture and vegetable hydroponics which conserves land and water resources by concentrating production, reusing and recycling water, uses fish waste (both metabolic and digestive) as nutrient sources for plant growth, reduces waste discharged into the environment. Two trials were conducted to evaluate production of 10 varieties of cucumber (Cucumis sativus) in the aquaponic system from June - December, 2011. Cucumber seedlings were transplanted at a density of 8/m2, which is the density recommended for field production by the seed company. In the first trial, five varieties were transplanted in complete randomized block design in one-third of the system. Transplanted seedlings were two-weeks old and harvests began on day 21 and continued for an additional 21 days when the crops were removed. These five varieties were transplanted again at week 2 and 4. Fruits harvested three times a week for total seven harvests for each crop. The same transplanting and harvest procedure was repeated for a second trial with five additional varieties in season and year. Cucumber var. "Speedway", "Fanfare" and "Sweeter Yet" yielded 24 fruits per m2 per planting. "Palace King" produced the greatest mass (6.2 kg/m2/crop). Varietal differences will influence the mass produced for each crop. Market preference in the USVI for smaller varieties must be met by a farmer choosing the cucumber type to produce.


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