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The potential area of energy crops in Poland is estimated at 1.0–4.5 million ha. The decrease in the prices of energy reduces the high pressure to cut the costs of biomass production. The aim of this study is an analysis of the use of tractors on model farms producing energy crops, which have different areas, intensity of production and quality of soils from different regions of Poland. The use of tractors increased along with the farm area, the soil quality and production intensity. The use of tractors on the smallest farms is low, so they should buy old tractors. A large share of crops for biogas leads to the situation where it takes 20–30 years of work for tractors to achieve full wear of 12,000 hours on farms with 130 ha of farmland, whereas it takes only 8–14 years on farms with 600 and 1500 ha of farmland. Regional differences in the use of tractors increased along with the farm area from 4.7–5.7% on the smallest farms to 10.1–14.8% on the largest farms


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