The development of infrastructure economically – social the state the indispensable element of economic development our the country. State of Polish infrastructure is discontent continually far, which becomes the barrier on road of more far economic progress and social. Infrastructure investments constitute the base for development of the social-economic local -government. They are a factor supporting recruiting of investment and activating the local community. With relevant issue at the investment planning infrastructure there are premises which are deciding on their realization. Premises can result from actual needs of the local community, of requirements associated with documents drawn up as well as from so-called market chances connected with the possibility of raising non-refundable capital. They are proving exploring communes on the group that at the investment decision a possibility of acquiring non-refundable capital from EU funds is a dominating premise. being guided by exclusively a premise associated with acquiring capital from European centres rather than from actual local needs can produce a so-called effect above of supply of the infrastructure what in the longer perspective disadvantageous transferring into budget the commune can have.


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