The purpose of this research was to analyze the satisfaction of the students of the Master in Sciences of Fruit Productivity Program at the Faculty of Agrotecnological Sciences of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua regarding the following categories: planning and development of education, support services provided to learners, resources in support of teaching, as well as the assessment of the educational activity. The results show that a percentage of 80% of students are satisfied in different levels around most of the items that were used to build each category; however, areas of opportunity for improvement are presented to achieve motivation of students, especially in the aspects of infrastructure and access to bibliography, as well as preparation for the world of work and/or continue with studies; in addition to the coordination between theory and practice, all this in order to achieve the goals of education and thus guarantee the quality of this educative program and in consequence ensure its permanence in the National Program of Quality Postgraduate Studies (PNPC).


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